Twisty Beads Jewelry

Remember those fun, colorful “Twist A Beads” from the 80s?

They’re back – all new and more versatile then ever! The all new Twisty Beads can be worn as a necklace or a wrap bracelet.

Buy a set (or two) today and start the fun all over again –  New sets are added often!

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Ways to wear Twisty Beads

Twist A Bead Necklaces

Twister Bead Jewelry

80s Twist a bead necklace

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Twister Bead Jewelry

twist-a-beadsTwister Beads, also known as Twist a Beads of the 1980’s were one of the hottest trends in jewelry.  You couldn’t tun on your television without seeing a woman wearing them. They were popular because of their versatility and many color and texture choices.  Each strand of endless beads has no clasp so you could mix and match colors to compliment every outfit you wore!  This jewelry trend was so big, we’ve decide to bring it back with all new designs!

The all new Twisty Beads are made of natural stone and gemstone beads, Czech glass beads, Japanese seed beads, glass pearls and faceted crystal beads. The beads may be opaque, pearlized, AB coated, transparent or frosted.

Twisty Beads are 100% made in the USA!

Each set of three 34 to 35 inch strands comes with a secure silver plated clasp and is coordinated to look fantastic together!

Twisty beads are strung by hand on the strongest pearl beading thread available, made to last, and never break or stretch out.

Buy several sets to mix and match or use them along with the vintage Twist-a-Beads you already have. It’s time to put twister bead necklaces back in circulation!